Balancing Act

I've been feeling rather on the outs with running lately. I think there are a lot of factors involved - school has been tremendously stressful and my workload has been nothing shy of overwhelming, and I have hit the point in the semester where I am perpetually sleep-deprived, and given any opportunities for free time, I will always pick sleep. I know once the semester and the bar exam are both over, I will likely sleep about 12-14 hours a day for a week in order to recover. But until then, I just have to make peace with the fact that I am not going to feel good or rested pretty much ever. Adding to the cycle is the fact that when I'm tired, it's much more difficult for me to eat healthy. Clearly this is a vicious cycle, because the more crap I eat, the more sluggish I feel, and the less likely I am to go for a run. I remember that I felt this way for about two months prior to the marathon as well. The one thing that I would have liked to change with the marathon was my conditioning - I felt like I was not in quite good enough shape to push myself as hard as I wanted. I am a little worried that this will be the case with the half. While I know that I'm in significantly better shape now, and running half the distance, I would still like to get in 1-2 more runs a week, and get my weekly mileage up between 15-18 miles a week. Right now my high weeks are about 14 and I'm getting in about 3 runs a week. Not terrible and a definite improvement from the marathon training, but still room to do better. I just keep reminding myself that I won't be a law student forever, and as long as I try to stay reasonably healthy with my diet and exercise that I will be able to maintain a level of fitness and sanity that is much needed for the next few months. But damn  it if I hold my self-expectations too damn high!


  1. Law school makes doing anything else so difficult! I know you know, but do try to be easy on yourself. I think the end is the worst; you just want it to be over, it's so close, but the pressure is insane. (You're almost there, though!)